Concordia Language Villages

An immersive real-world experience comes to life on the screen


For educators who wouldn't be one bit shy about speaking only in French to a group of Midwestern six-year-olds, we built an immersive online experience that would live up to their adventurous teaching style.

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The Concordia Language Villages (CLV) are a collection of 17 language learning camps tucked away in the North Woods of Minnesota. A part of Concordia College, they offer programs for toddlers through adults that recreate a native-speaking environment through authentic cultural activities, food, architecture, and immersive language instruction.

Sharing the inside story

Their leadership needed to increase enrollment and expand the reach of their brand beyond word-of-mouth recommendations from former villagers. To combat this problem, they’d started blogging about each of the villages, as an easily-editable way to show what the experience is like. But the deeply engrossed, bilingual focus of the blogs provided little context for new visitors who didn’t yet know what the language villages were all about.

Getting lost in the woods

We also found that users were getting tangled up in the site navigation, bouncing between offerings that were cross-listed by both language and type of program, and that they were having a hard time finding logistical information like dates, costs, and registration.

Our challenge was to unravel their complex network of programs and demonstrate the rigorous yet fun nature of their immersive approach to language learning.


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