Proprietary CMS Platforms

Many organizations come to us with a content management system already in mind, whether they're wanting to update their existing CMS installation with a new design system or starting over from scratch with a third-party CMS partner.

We’ve worked with a range of enterprise-level proprietary CMS platforms in the higher ed space like Omni CMS by Modern Campus, Hannon Hill’s Cascade CMS, and Terminalfour’s digital engagement platform.

No matter who’s handling implementation, we make sure the research, strategy, design, and front end development are crafted with the same goal as our open source development projects — a system that will ultimately be useful and usable for both clients and their customers.

"We wanted to reimagine our approach, and working with you all gave us a much-needed fresh perspective... you got to know our products, needs, and audiences. We appreciate that you didn’t try to sell us a ‘product’ to solve all problems, but instead gave us an approach, research, tools, techniques, and much more – all the necessary building blocks we needed to create a great new site."
Photo of Ann Morse of Cornell
Ann Morse
Executive Director for Communications & Marketing at the Cornell School of Continuing Education

Looking for a partner to work side by side (merge by merge?) with your developers to launch an enterprise-level system?