Christopher Taylor

Office Manager / Government Contract Administrator
@NewCity since 2019

Christopher manages the day to day maintenance of the payables and receivables, as well as the Blacksburg office. He’s got it made, at the moment, because he’s the only one in the office.

Christopher studied Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Polytechnic Institute — and it shows. One semester before graduating, he enlisted in the US Air Force and spent two years at USAF Special Operations Headquarters in Florida as a federal contract administrator. After completing his degree, he established himself as a cook and a stay-at-home dad. When he became a single dad, his well-rounded skill set allowed him to find work in retail, tax consulting, remodeling, farming, Texas Hold’em poker, and his own food service company.

He came to NewCity by accident after hearing about the job opening through word-of-mouth. Having recently finished an accounting degree, he immersed himself in NewCity’s systems, culture, and finances. In Spring 2020, he found himself the sole occupant of the office, as everyone else had gone remote. He appreciates the work that NewCity does for others and makes sure the office runs smoothly and accounts are reconciled.

Christopher is a polymath with widely diverse interests. He enjoys studying music, art, gardening, technology, philosophy, communication, and living life to its fullest.

He volunteers as a DJ at WUVT-FM, as an Assistant Scoutmaster for ScoutsBSA Troops 158 B&G, and as a Merit Badge Counselor for all local ScoutsBSA organizations.

His wife, two children (ages 13 and 2), and a 4 year-old terrier hound keep him otherwise occupied.