Enrollment Strategy

Your online experience leaves a lasting first impression.

An inviting, easy path for students through your website, campaigns and CRM can make all the difference in whether students (and parents) believe you are welcoming, responsive and smart. Let’s make that happen.

Our Vision

Talk to many students and you’ll hear tales of how overwhelming or convoluted their search for the right school has been. A disjointed online journey is the natural result of siloed internal teams working without a unified strategy. 

Our Director of Enrollment Strategy Robynne Lofton spent 26 years in strategic enrollment management before joining NewCity. She succeeded by making allies across org chart lines, innovating within shrinking budgets, and seeing what others miss. Now she’s leading NewCity’s clients to break out of enrollment conventions and view the journey through their students’ eyes. When students feel seen and heard, when they believe you can help them reach their goals, you rise from the crowd. That’s our vision for every institution we serve.

Enrollment Strategy Team