Troy DeRego

Web Developer

Troy is a front-end web developer and Drupal site builder with a focus on user-centered design.

Prior to joining NewCity, he worked at Mississippi State University  in development, communications, and user experience for over a decade.

After earning a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design Troy moved to San Francisco and got involved in sound design and interaction design for digital media. In the earliest days of the web he worked for a small design shop where they searched for new ways to create engaging experiences over dial-up modems. The excitement of learning how to tell stories in a new medium is still with him and has led him to study filmmaking, music, and even bread baking, all of which inform his design work today.

Traveling the world with his wife is his greatest inspiration. Until recently, they tried to make a trip to Europe at least once a year. When they are not on the road, most of his time is spent playing and recording music. He plays drums in a rock band called Huge Ghost, and records his own stuff under the name Nutfield (It has something to do with where he grew up in New Hampshire. Just ask and he will tell you all about it!). Now that he is working from home, he is able to get back to baking sourdough on a regular basis, which makes everyone happy.

Troy's favorite part of his job is being part of a team of experts focused on discovering user needs so we can build the best solutions.

The Age of Discovery and Other Stories book cover

The Age of Discovery

Becky Hagenston

Cover for Nutfield's Tiny Kingdom album

Tiny Kingdom