Robynne Lofton

Director of Enrollment Strategy

30 years on a college campus might be long enough.

Robynne brings her lengthy career in higher education to NewCity as the Director of Enrollment Strategy. Her experience in creating, supporting, shifting, and disrupting enrollment systems that directly impact the student, the teams doing the work, and the driving goals behind it all, makes her the right person to help way-find for our educational partners.

Robynne’s efforts have centered on meeting complex and shifting enrollment goals, while creating pathways and partnerships that lead to enrollment success. She has worked for five distinctive colleges and universities, managed admissions, financial aid, and student accounts teams, is a regional and national conference presenter, and even served as the Diversity, Equity, and Access chairperson and the President of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling.

A deep desire to work creatively on enrollment challenges, and a literal shift in landscapes after a relocation from California to Georgia, created the opportunity to disconnect from a single campus experience and bring her expertise and insights to NewCity. Her drive to tinker, unravel, turn upside down, and reassemble both the idea and the object can be seen at home and on the job as a parent of an ambitious and precocious daughter, a founding board member for the non-profit Shero’s Rise, and as a self-proclaimed kitchen daredevil.

Bringing one’s whole self to work every day means Robynne gets to be a mother, a daughter, an enrollment leader, an artist, an advocate, and avid cookbook reader all at the same time.

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