Nicole Cloutier

Communications and Marketing Strategist

Nicole’s fifteen year marketing career has made her very curious about what drives people to want what they want, and how they want to connect online.

As NewCity’s resident storyteller, she helps illuminate and disseminate the expertise and thought leadership the agency has cultivated over its 28 year history. She is equal parts writer and marketer, and her strongest skills lie in finding audiences online and aligning business goals and user desire through the power of empathy, curiosity and creativity.

Prior to joining NewCity she was the digital communications strategist for Many Hopes, a global children’s non-profit. And before that she designed and executed digital strategy for various consumer facing brands in the CPG, wine and spirits and hospitality markets using omnichannel storytelling and content marketing. She loves the immediacy of digital communications in comparison to offline marketing tactics- the ability to fine tune a message, test it for resonance and adjust quickly to help users find and connect with content that is authentic, educational, useful and delightful.

After twenty years in New York City, she and her family moved to Italy in 2022 to give her small children an Italian language immersion (it worked). She spends her time chasing them around piazzas on scooters, learning Italian, devouring fiction and non-fiction, exercising and cooking regional Italian cuisine.

Knowing that our work contributes to an internet that is useful, uplifting, ethical and inclusive gives me satisfaction and hope.


Malcolm Gladwell