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When it comes to branding and analytics, consistency is the name of the game

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Stuffed with … Stuff

A recent rebranding left the University of West Florida with a mountain of web pages to redesign and update. With more than 100 contributors to its site, UWF had added so many pages — more than 20,000 — that many were left unmanaged. And if you add the fact that there wasn’t a CMS to house and organize any of these pages, then that pile was not only unmanageable, but also inevitable. On top of that, more than 50 Google Analytics accounts were tracking only a handful of pages, providing an incomplete picture of exactly how the site was doing.

Modernize UWF

Our design team approached the University of West Florida project with a “mobile first” approach. UWF realized the importance of having a strong mobile presence that delivered the same high-quality web experience across all platforms. With the redesign, UWF wanted to show prospective students a better feeling of what is was like to be a part of the campus. The huge home page image, the student focused slider, and even the UWF skyline footer were all intended to deliver a clearer message to students. Sometimes seeing is believing. Click the images on the sidebar to see the before and after shots of the University of West Florida homepage!


Analyze That

Our development team partnered with the folks at TERMINALFOUR to implement their easy-to-use content management system. To fit into this new system, development also created simple, flexible page templates to take care of UWF’s style inconsistencies.

UWF also needed to see how the new site would perform as a whole, not just in bits and pieces. That’s why our digital marketing team created a single Google Analytics account to track all of UWF’s data. Instead of using numerous GA accounts to track different pages, several sub-accounts were added to the main account; this way, each department was able to receive individualized tracking.

Almost There …

As with every project, our care doesn’t stop when we deliver the final product. We like to monitor how things are going post-launch to make sure we’ve done our job the best we can. We’ve enjoyed working with UWF every step of the way, and we’ll continue to monitor the site’s success as more analytics will soon be available.


The word “argonaut” comes from an ancient tale sung of the strongest and bravest band of heroes ever assembled in Greek Mythology