Northwestern Health Sciences University

Healing An Ailing Strategy


Redesigning a text-heavy site helped a health care and research institution realize that less is more.

Lost in Translation

Although new branding and redesigns can instill excitement, NWHSU had more problems on its hands than a dated site. Content wasn’t geared toward a very specific type of “healer”, one that sees the value of integrating holistic medicine into a science-based profession. On top of this, a very costly, centralized student viewbook needed reprinting with every edit, and had virtually no way of delivering a specific message to a specific student.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We initiated a complete branding overhaul, complete with a new logo, outdoor signage and promotional materials. We developed content emphasizing a modern aesthetic and simplicity appealing to those wanting to “heal”, and seek an alternative to traditional practice.

Aiming to increase more in-person visits to the school, we also designed a new online tour — complete with student interviews — and partnered with Red Velocity in Roanoke, VA, to film a world of augmented, interactive locations. A new, visually stunning viewbook could be customized based on a prospective student’s specific interests and programs. It also allowed them to reprint changes to a single updated page, rather than the whole book.