meet NewCity

We're a family of creative web geeks who love tackling a new challenge. Our talents are varied, but we share a common compulsion to design interactive experiences that blow minds and knock socks off. Meet the NewCitizens who make up our team.

We believe that somewhere between art for art's sake and raw functionality lives good web design. It's not about colors or textures or fonts, but about solving problems, delivering your messages, and communicating a feeling without users ever knowing what hit them. Yep, we'll make things beautiful. But we'll also make them work.

Our job is to get you noticed. Armed with tools that practically tell you what site visitors ate for breakfast, we'll help you set measurable goals and polish up your website to increase conversions, revenue, and brand exposure. We also support your online efforts with offline campaigns and brand strategy, for a seamless, comprehensive experience.

The UX team's home is in the field — picture us peering into the tall grass of your website as we examine every excruciating, messy detail. We thrive on data that uncovers the real story and use it to sketch out a site that works for you *and* your users.

We take ideas and mastermind ways to make them functional and beautiful. We've got more tools in our belt than Batman, but are always hungry to learn new ones. We were born to tinker, to question assumptions, and to chase that feeling we get from building something that solves a problem exactly the way you need it to.

Our job is to show the world that NewCity doesn't make websites, we design experiences for real humans. We make plans, get you started, and train your staff so you can keep things moving. We believe crafting a superior experience for the people you serve is the only way to succeed, and we would love to tell you all about it.

We are the ones who keep it all in line. We make sure your project runs like a well-tuned machine from kickoff to launch. We define objectives, work schedule magic, and get the right things into the right hands so that everything's on-target, on-budget, and on-time.

You have a message to send; that's why our team develops a consistent, easy-to-understand voice for your organization. We listen to how your users communicate so we can better answer their needs.