Enrollment Strategy

Enrollment Funnel Engagement and Conversion Strategy

Your enrollment funnel is where student needs and your school’s goals converge. It’s the place where you can have the most meaningful interactions with students, by understanding their needs at every phase and delivering the content and experiences that convince them your school is the one for them.

The Process

At NewCity, we look at the student enrollment journey with the goal of improving the entire digital experience for students, families, your enrollment teams and anyone else who touches your digital ecosystem. This means helping you align user and institutional goals. It means maximizing the resources you’re working with (tools, technology, staffing, budgets, etc) to make life easier for everyone.

For enrollment funnel engagement we will:

  • Review your current funnel, including touchpoints within web, CRM and campaigns for opportunities for better engagement.
  • Review your student personas, and your current CRM data to ensure you’re delivering the right content to the right prospects (ie, do we know everything we need to know about our audiences? Are we targeting right-fit students?).
  • Review content and pathways through your website to understand how students can find the information they need.
  • Identify hard conversions (applications, deposits) and soft conversions like RFI completion, email sign-ups and chat-bot questions.
  • Help you lay out paths through the funnel and suggested content based on student actions.
  • Recommend improvements for content, messaging and UX that will improve conversion rates.