Enrollment Strategy

Lead Generation Audit & Development

For a Lead Generation Audit we review your current approach to search / outbound lead generation and provide recommendations based on our expertise and research. Depending on your needs we will then assist with changes to your search plan and improvements to your website lead generation methods.

The Process

For a lead generation audit we will:

  • Review your search process, how you purchase names, your lead channels, what you’re doing to increase them, and how you qualify them.
  • Map your current lead generation activities to your strategic enrollment goals and identify any gaps / opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations for any changes to your search / outbound lead generation strategy to increase responses, reduce costs and better reach enrollment goals.
  • Review analytics and user experience of all inquiry-related digital interactions (i.e. your website RFI, campaign landing pages, visit forms).

Based on the audit and your needs, we will:

  • Design and build new forms and interactions that match your brand
  • Create audience-based strategies for increasing lead generation