Enrollment Strategy

Yield/Melt Support

It's Yield Season!

You know the experience across your website, portal, emails, and texts all play a big role as students and parents make their final decisions. As hard as you’ve worked to reach and engage each student, some of them will make a different choice, in part because of what happens online. NewCity specializes in improving your digital experience at this critical stage, so that…

  • students don’t hit barriers or speed bumps trying to enroll.
  • they quickly find the content for new/admitted students.
  • siloed content is connected – bringing together admissions, financial aid, student accounts and student life for ease in on-boarding.
  • you deliver a consistent and inviting brand experience across every channel – web, portal, virtual events, social, email, and print.
  • your data is all connected between channels so you can see the engagements that inspire enrollment.

NewCity will work with you to understand your unique enrollment goals and considerations, and help you design a yield support plan that increases momentum during melt season, strengthens collaboration between cross campus teams and convinces your prospects that they belong at your school.