Hannon Hill & NewCity Webinar: Rethinking Student Connections

Rethinking Student Connections: UX Research and Website Personalization in Enrollment Strategies, May 22, 2024

Here’s a question we grapple with, with our partners like Hannon Hill, on behalf of our higher ed clients every day:

In today’s turbulent enrollment climate how can we recommit to improving the student journey for students and their families?

One way is to challenge old assumptions about what we thought we knew about students and their goals. If we’re willing to get curious, we can start to unlock new opportunities for connection.

But meeting big challenges requires deep insights and powerful tools. This is where human centered design and UX research come in. 

Inside Hannon Hills’s Rethinking Student Connections webinar on Wednesday May 22, 2024, David Poteet and Robynne Lofton from NewCity and Graham Lewis from Hannon Hill explore how to tie together UX research and web personalization to build powerful student engagement and retention strategies. 

Methods & Tools

Explore the topics we cover in the webinar in these NewCity articles from our archives.

User Personas

Journey Maps

Collage of photos of people from different walks of life

Ad Hoc User Personas

Any personas you use to guide strategy, UX, and content decisions should be created from qualitative research with your audiences or customers.

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Woman looking at public transit map on a digital sign

Experience Mapping

An experience map depicts the possible journeys each audience has or should have with your organization both on the website and through other channels. It also serves as a powerful tool to communicate our vision to other stakeholders. An experience map includes: It’s also important to understand how people enter

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Enrollment Service Blueprint

Website Personalization

A laptop decorated with multiple stickers

How to personalize website content in Higher Ed

Chances are if you are responsible for digital or content strategy for your university or college, you’ve had a conversation about how you could use personalization to better engage your audiences and get more conversions. Maybe someone has said “Could we have a personalized web presence like an e-commerce site?”

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