Enrollment Strategy

Communications Plan Audit and Development

To get the full benefit of your CRM you need to deliver communications to the right audiences at the right time, across all channels, in a voice that resonates with them. Every communication needs a clear call to action appropriate for the recipient’s stage in the journey.​

The Process

For the Communications Plan Audit and Development we will:
  • Audit your enrollment communications, both systems and content.
  • Map your current communications plan to aid in the visualization of messages and target audiences.
  • Recommend channel, segmentation, and content specific strategies to meet targeted audiences and enrollment goals.
  • Design templates aligned to your brand align to elevate your message and improve open rates.
  • Craft targeted email communications.
  • Leverage embedded CRM tools like text messaging and personalization.

You’ll be empowered to amplify your strategic initiatives through an active, data informed communications strategy.