Enrollment Strategy

Enrollment Service Blueprint

A Service Blueprint is a diagram that shows the customer journey (in-real-life and digital), the visible interactions they have with you through people or technology, and the behind-the-scenes roles and workflows required to deliver a compelling, successful experience. Think of it as a map for meeting your operational goals.

The Process

Your blueprint might map the journey from inquiry to matriculant including the roles played by enrollment counselors, students, faculty members, external partners, and your CRM. You’ll see areas of strength and opportunities to engage, inform, and motivate your students through their enrollment journey. You’ll also see places where you can simplify the process and remove bottlenecks, leading to cost savings and better response times.

To develop your Enrollment Service Blueprint we will:
  • Conduct discovery sessions with admissions counselors and enrollment operations.
  • Prepare findings from any available research into the experience of your prospective students (and their families) to share during our blueprint workshop. 
  • Facilitate a workshop (in person or with a virtual whiteboard) with your team to create a draft of the blueprint representing your desired future state.
  • Refine and deliver your Enrollment Service Blueprint in a format that can be shared easily and revised as needed.

For a deeper look into how you can use this tool to support your enrollment strategy, check out our article Minding the Gap and download our free Graduate Enrollment Service Blueprint.