Enrollment Strategy

Enrollment Funnel Audit

Every school’s  enrollment funnel looks different. Most enrollment leaders know their conversion percentages along the funnel, but may not have the time or resources to improve them. With discovery, review, and analysis we’ll find where students are dropping off and recommend ways that  your website and CRM and campaigns can keep engaged students moving through, from prospect to applicant to enroll.

The Process

For a funnel audit we will:

  • Prospect to Inquiry
    • Review of sources that bring visitors to your website (search, PPC, social, etc).
    • Review micro-conversions that show interest (RFI forms, email sign-ups).
  • Inquiry to Applicant
    • Review the current content that communicates a compelling narrative about your institution, its values, and outcomes.
    • Assess and suggest website components and navigation that attract prospective students to learn more about their academic programs, student life, and affordability.
  • Applicant to Admit
    • Review interactions/engagements across comms channels (web, CRM, email, social, etc) to mind the gap.
  • Admit to Deposit
    • Review interactions/engagements across channels and recommend robust communications strategies.
  • Deposit to Enroll
    • Review interactions and engagements and suggest improvements to reduce melt during this key decision period.