Enrollment Strategy

Financial Aid Support

Our Process

When developing the Financial Aid content for your website you face two big challenges 1) the process is complex with lots of variations, and 2) it is subject to federal regulation and oversight. That doesn’t mean financial aid pages have to be dense and confusing – but you sometimes have to work a bit harder to make them clear and easy. Complex content is hard for everyone but it presents a significant barrier to access for many underserved communities.

When you consider that many students are trying to answer the question of “Can I get in?” simultaneously with “Can I afford it?”, your cost and financial aid content becomes just as important as your admissions content.

To improve these pages we work with your financial aid office to:
  1. Build communications that clearly articulate access, cost, and affordability.
  2. Develop web-based tactics and content that will increase FAFSA completion.
  3. Build an Integrated communications plan that compliments the Enrollment cycle.
  4. Focus web content to Improve self-service.
  5. Design reusable CRM email templates for aid cycle.