How to personalize website content in Higher Ed

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Maybe you’ve heard this before: “Could we have a personalized web presence like an e-commerce site?” Does that make sense for higher ed sites? Is it even feasible? David Poteet examines the possible risks and rewards. Read David’s article on ContentEd

Is your hypertext too hyper?

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If your page is full of links that people find confusing or distracting, and if the only design solution is to make those links harder to see, what you have is a content problem.

What International Students Can Teach Us About the Virtual Campus Visit

International students working with laptops

It’s decision season for students starting college this year. Normally, campuses would be teeming with flocks of high school seniors and parents following peppy student tour guides. I was one of those guides, a sophomore learning to walk backwards without tripping and swapping my left for my right, as I pointed out interesting features of […]

What Self-Driving Cars Teach Us About Content Management

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Though technology is reshaping our world every day, complex situations often require the human ability to strategize, connect, and communicate. Someone who can take the wheel, make decisions, and steer the site towards success. A great example? A complex website needs a managing editor.

The Complexity of Flexibility

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When designing the functionality of a website’s content management system, people often want a highly flexible system filled with options and variations. Or, at least, they think they do. The challenge is that the more flexibility you add, the more complicated everything becomes.

What Studying the Humanities Taught Me About Software Development

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Back in my computer science days, I took a programming class where the professor decided to assign us a project to show us how real-world programming gets done (or ought to get done). We discussed the problem we were trying to solve in extreme detail The professor dictated the precise toolset we were supposed to […]

Get More from Your Analytics: Applying an Ecommerce Model to Higher Ed, Part III

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In Part I of this series, we discussed the problem a lot of Higher Ed analysts run into. Connecting the value of content to the value of a goal conversion is often a daunting task. Google Analytics is a great tool, but unless we take some very specific steps, we lose out on a lot of its reporting capabilities. Part II dealt with one easy solution to get more out of your analytics: Page Value. In Part III, we are going to discuss going beyond the standard implementation, into the realm of ecommerce.