Robynne Lofton’s Transition From Higher Ed to Digital Agency

It has been a beautiful period of transitions.

My time in admissions was driven by the deep desire to open wide the doors to spaces that so few had access to. Over 26 years that passion grew into leadership, serving students, managing teams, offices, and divisions. A passion to serve became grounded in purpose as I forged relationships, mentored, and led the most capable, talented, and heart-connected people one industry could ever hold. I learned from them as they would reach into deep wells of resilience and give of themselves to their colleges and the students they served. Their commitment in the face of limits made me be the very best boss, mentor, friend, and teammate I could be. Time and time again, we would set students as our North Star, and together we navigated some of the most challenging enrollment trends, personal triumphs and loss, and eventually a merger that set us adrift in a wide open and untenable sea. 

I transition yet again. I stretch and grow. My possibilities are limitless and my desire to do even more with my passion and purpose has set me off on a new course. I’m ready to do more, dig deeper in serving students and the professionals who shepherd them on their educational journey. I’ve found a way.

Let me reintroduce myself…My name is Robynne and I am the Director of Enrollment Strategy for NewCity, a digital design agency with a roster of national and international clients – nearly 40 of them are colleges and universities. 

I have joined the NewCity team to reimagine what it means to serve enrollment teams and leadership in building relationships with their students through a digital medium. In this new role, I will be listening deeply to the desires and challenges that each institution faces while offering human-centered, data-informed, unique digital solutions to help you where and when it matters. Partnered solutions not pre-packaged services. The solutions I longed for as an enrollment leader, the relationship with an agency I only dreamed could be possible.

May we all never cease to expand, to grow, to transition.

You can learn more about Robynne Lofton here.

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