Project Strategy Blueprint

David Poteet planning project strategy with Cornell School of Continuing Education

A strategy blueprint is a one page summary of your project strategy. We primarily use them across our project team as a short-had reminder of the needs and goals of the project. If you plan to use it to share the project strategy with other stakeholders, you may need more explanation.

We usually include these elements in the blueprint:

  • Challenges – what are the issues we need to keep in mind or even solve in our workk (particularly as it relates to digital spaces)?
  • Aspirations – what is the vision or goal(s) of the client and/or organization (not just for the website)?
  • Audiences – who are the individuals or groups that engage with the organization and/or website?
  • Focus areas – where will we focus our efforts for this project, website, etc?
  • Activities – what must be done so that the project can be successful?
  • Success Metrics – how will we know that we are reaching our goals?

The original idea came from Jim Kalbach’s UX Strategy Blueprint.

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