Evaluate and Grow

After we’ve reached what’s typically considered to be the end of the project — launch — we don’t just walk away.

Our team continues to work with you at least 90 days past launch, so that we have an opportunity to evaluate and improve site performance based on actual user behavior. The strategic analytics platform we implement is essential to this evaluation — ideally we’re able to compare year-over-year performance on your success metrics. We may also run further usability tests and surveys to gain insights and test proposed improvements against existing solutions.

We like to say that launch day is really “Day One.” Everything we’ve done up to this point is preparing you to use your website as a central part of your overall customer engagement strategy. You’ll have confidence from the months you spent working with us in the same tools you’ll use to manage and grow your site moving forward.

And to keep things running smoothly, we offer an annual maintenance contract for any websites, templates or software we develop. This contract allows us to keep your software upgraded with the latest security patches and versions of components, as well as to maintain the integrity of your data.

With a robust foundation, confidence in tools, and a program of continuous improvement, you can avoid the need to tear down and rebuild your site every 3-5 years. You’ll be making smart investments in your team, your skills and your web presence for long-term success. That’s strategy. That’s power.