The Building Blocks of a Solid Foundation

Clear Strategic Goals

You should be able to draw a straight line between each of your strategic goals and the elements of your digital strategy. During Discovery we dig into this with you, clarifying your goals and seeking agreement on priorities among the project stakeholders.

The goals we hear in requests for proposals or discovery workshops often fall into one of these categories:

  • Story - compelling content that better conveys brand messages
  • Design - innovative visual design and interactivity that reflects or elevates the brand
  • Growth - increasing leads, conversion, enrollment, donations etc.
  • Ease of use - improved navigation, flow based on audience research and testing
  • Ease of management - content management system that’s easy for all contributors
  • Streamlined - reduce unnecessary content and clutter
  • Responsive - smooth and complete experience for people on mobile devices
  • Accessibility - meets rigorous ADA / W3C standards to make the site work for everyone
  • Sustainability (aka “future-proof”) — engineered for future flexibility and improvement
  • Actionable insights - analytics that help us understand and improve user experience
  • Modern infrastructure - development tools and processes, security, scalability

High-level goals like these are a great starting point. To uncover tangible ways we can evaluate the success of each high-level goal, we interview people who have a stake in the success of your project, asking them to speak candidly about their current needs and to imagine what a better future would look like. Then during the Architecture and Buildout phase we use these insights to define success metrics — what we should expect to see as these goals are realized.

The success metrics we agree on will inform and drive the choices we make about the functionality of the site, ensuring the site is not designed based on individual preference but rather, designed to meet the specific needs your team defines.

Meaningful Audience Insights

With clear goals in view, we work with you to plan and conduct audience research that will help us understand how the website can best serve their goals while supporting yours. We use qualitative and quantitative research methods suited to the goals of the project. We want to uncover the things that differentiate your audiences and make them unique. We use this information to prioritize content and uncover gaps between the content you do have and what you’ll need to support audience goals.

We also want to look more broadly at their experiences. How does your web presence work in the context of your other marketing and engagement efforts? How can each part of the ecosystem support the others so users move easily toward their goals?

Once we’ve worked through this phase, we move on to the Foundation phase.