Basic Google Analytics Configuration Audit


  • Audit of the site’s current analytics setup to answer the question, “Is any of the basic Google Analytics data unusable or misleading because of configuration problems?” By “basic Google Analytics data”, we mean:
    • Any data that is produced by the standard GA page view tag, i.e. data on locations, devices, hostnames being tracked, traffic sources/mediums, and pages
    • Basic event tracking of outbound links, file downloads, and mailto links
    • Internal site search tracking
    • Previously set up conversion goals
  • Report detailing results of audit — aspects of analytics configuration that need to be fixed and why.
  • Call with customer to walk through audit report

Customer Requirements

  • Give NewCity access to Google Analytics account for the target website


This audit is only available for websites using Google Analytics. This audit does not include implementation of recommendations. This audit does not include audits of custom configuration features such as custom event or pageview tracking, custom dimensions, custom metrics, content groups, custom channel groupings, or any other custom configuration.