Advanced Google Analytics Configuration Audit


  • Audit of the site’s current Google Analytics setup to answer these questions:
    • Are there things on the website that need to be tracked (as defined by the metrics model), but aren’t?
    • Are there things on the website that are being tracked in some way, but aren’t being tracked correctly? I.e. is there data in the Google Analytics account that is unusable and/or misleading because of configuration problems?
  • Report detailing results of audit — aspects of analytics configuration that are missing or need to be fixed in light of the Metrics Model.
  • Call with customer to walk through audit report

Customer Requirements

  • Purchase NewCity’s Metrics Model service
  • Give NewCity access to Google Analytics account for the target website


Unlike the Basic Google Analytics Configuration Audit, this audit includes:

  • A review of custom tracking configurations (e.g. custom event tracking, custom dimensions)
  • A review of what’s not being tracked that should be.

However this service does not include:

  • Specific details on exactly how to implement or fix any tracking functionality
  • Actual implementation or fixes of any tracking functionality.