Empowering Higher Ed with First Party Data: Infographic

Highlights from HighEdWeb Analytics Summit, April 30, 2024

You may have noticed lots of talk recently about the phase-out of 3rd party data (cookies), and the shift to the new era of First Party Data.

What’s it all about? 

In April NewCity’s Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Mike Zolnoski gave a talk about the importance of a first party data strategy at Higher Ed Web’s Analytics Summit. 

Here are some highlights from the talk, and an infographic to help you visualize this new data world and ways you can begin to incorporate a First Party Data strategy into your higher education marketing. 

Mike Zolnoski says:

“With recent shifts towards privacy focused browsing and data regulations first party data isn’t just a preference, it’s a necessity for maintaining trust and relevance in our digital engagements.

First Party Data is the cornerstone of strategic engagement in higher education, empowering us with the insights needed to make informed decisions and provide personalized experiences. It fuels our ability to build a cohesive understanding of each student’s unique journey, from initial interest to lasting affiliation with the institution.

Personalization, powered by this data, becomes a pivotal tool in recruitment and retention strategies. It allows for highly customized communication that resonates with potential students, guides them through the decision-making process and fosters commitment by aligning institutional offerings with their expectations. “


Picture of Mike Zolnoski
Mike Zolnoski

Mike Zolnoski is a Senior Level Digital Marketing Strategist at New City with a background in web analytics.

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