Start a Conversation

If a student walks into your admissions office you wouldn’t ask them to fill out a form before you talk to them. Your website can be a 24/7 admissions counselor, answering top questions in plain language and inviting conversation so you can take the next step.

Empowering Higher Ed with First Party Data: Infographic

Highlights from HighEdWeb Analytics Summit, April 30, 2024 You may have noticed lots of talk recently about the phase-out of 3rd party data (cookies), and the shift to the new era of First Party Data. What’s it all about?  In April NewCity’s Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Mike Zolnoski gave a talk about the importance of […]

Use Slate to Empower Your Enrollment Strategy

During the pressure of yield season, it’s easy to fall back on tactics that promise quick wins. We encourage enrollment leaders to connect their efforts across their website, Slate and their campaigns using a unified digital strategy to get the best results at the bottom of the funnel.

NewCity Announces Slate Partnership

February 16, 2024 NewCity is now a Slate services provider and member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education.  The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions […]