Colleges, libraries, and more

NewCity frequently partners with groups like colleges, libraries, departments, centers and other entities within a university to create or enhance their web presence.

Whenever possible we rely on an existing design system for the university’s brand. Sometimes we need to extend it for the particular needs of a project. When no design system is available we will create a new look and feel for the entity, but our goal is always to be a good steward of the university’s brand, creating sites that reflect the distinct character and purpose of the entity while holding true to the brand – both in terms of visual style but also key messages and themes. These projects require specialized knowledge about the mission and audiences of each entity. When the university is already providing a design system and CMS, our work focuses more on audience research, IA and content strategy.

Our Work

Colleges and Schools within a University

Colleges and schools within a university usually follow the main .edu style closely. Since audiences will move fluidly between the main university site and the college site, we have to pay careful attention to navigation to avoid confusion. We work with college web teams to understand these pathways, recognizing that the entry point is rarely the home page.

Top concerns for college and school sites include research promotion, public engagement and student recruitment. Academic departments are often more directly involved in the graduate student journey, so we work with colleges to understand how they can better support this journey in concert with graduate admissions offices. Our Graduate Student Service Blueprint illustrates the complexity of this process.

Colleges and Schools We’ve Worked With

  • Oklahoma State University Extension
  • OSU Undergraduate Admissions
  • OSU Tulsa
  • Cornell School of Continuing Education
  • Texas A&M University, College of Engineering
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Social Work
  • Rutgers University, School of Public Health
  • Rutgers University, School of Engineering 
  • Rutgers University, Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Emory School of Medicine
  • UK School of Pharmacy

Research Centers

Research centers and labs are often collaborative endeavors bringing together experts from different colleges, departments and even other universities. Audiences can vary widely. There may be a stronger public outreach component, or a priority to demonstrate impact to grant making organizations.

Research Centers We’ve Worked With


NewCity has extensive experience with websites for academic libraries within a multi-campus university, and for organizations whose purpose is to make in-depth research and content accessible to people who rely on it for their work. We even have team members who worked in-house with academic libraries before joining NewCity.

Libraries We’ve Worked With