NewCity’s Seven Pillars of Higher Ed Digital Strategy

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In our three decades of research and work with higher education audiences, we’ve identified seven things we must do well for any digital experience that supports enrollment. When you partner with NewCity, we keep these front and center.

Teach Editors How to Use a Design System

Design system workshop at Davidson

When organizations move from a template-based website to a design system-based site, content editors gain the flexibility to build new layouts to suit their needs. But it’s a very different way to think about content creation, since you can now stack and combine layout components like Lego™ blocks. Editors used to having one big WYSIWYG […]

5 Traits of a Successful Digital Project Manager

What does it take to get a digital project up and running and across the finish line? For anything but the smallest project it takes a close-knit team of architects, writers, designers and developers who understand each other’s strengths and share a common vision. In the middle of that team lives your friendly neighborhood project […]

Build Your Digital Playbook & Toolkit

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Every leader who shapes the web presence of a big organization wants to deliver a powerful online experience, one that reflects the brand, attracts people and delivers great service at all levels – from the main gateway to the smallest department.

Project Strategy Blueprint

David Poteet planning project strategy with Cornell School of Continuing Education

A strategy blueprint is a one page summary of your project strategy. We primarily use them across our project team as a short-had reminder of the needs and goals of the project. If you plan to use it to share the project strategy with other stakeholders, you may need more explanation. We usually include these […]

Writing for the Web and Your Brand

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No matter what form your web writing guidelines take, they should provide clear examples for both writing for the web and supporting key brand messages. Not all content editors have experience with both of these writing styles and need clear and practice guidance to be successful. Web writing guides should: You might be thinking, “My […]

What Studying the Humanities Taught Me About Software Development

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Back in my computer science days, I took a programming class where the professor decided to assign us a project to show us how real-world programming gets done (or ought to get done). We discussed the problem we were trying to solve in extreme detail The professor dictated the precise toolset we were supposed to […]