Build Your Digital Playbook & Toolkit

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Every leader who shapes the web presence of a big organization wants to deliver a powerful online experience, one that reflects the brand, attracts people and delivers great service at all levels – from the main gateway to the smallest department.

If your web presence is larger than what one small team can manage, you’ve probably adopted a distributed governance model – you’ve given different sub groups or units some level of responsibility for their part of the website. The units want control of their own presence anyway and they have the subject matter expertise. But you’re probably also aware of the challenges that come with this approach.

Since the early 2010s, a new model for digital strategy has taken root in governments, companies and institutions that distribute control of their website across smaller units like this. They’re providing a robust, flexible design system matched to a modern CMS that make it easy for others to build pages and interactions from modular components. Beyond just the tools, they’re giving people playbooks and training – “how-to” guides that units can follow for anything from a departmental website redesign to optimizing a program landing page. By creating a digital playbook and toolkit they’re equipping people across the organization to create better web experiences that strengthen their brand.

NewCity’s white paper “Build Your Digital Playbook & Toolkit” explores the why and the how to take a more strategic approach to digital resources for your organization.

We also offer a presentation based on the principles of this white paper. You can watch a recording of a webinar version done with our CMS partner Hannon Hill. Even better, talk to us about giving a presentation tailored to your organization.

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