Getting Hooked on WordPress Hooks

What are Hooks? WordPress can be an imposing environment for new developers. The barrier to entry is low — you can accomplish a lot by pasting snippets into your theme’s functions file — but it doesn’t take long to realize that WordPress is an enormous machine full of moving parts. Every page load requires a […]

Flex Your WordPress Capabilities with ACF

Man using paper cutouts of simplified web page elements for layout

WordPress pages are easy to edit, as long as you stick to built-in features. But at NewCity, most sites we build require flexible templates without breaking carefully-planned visual design and information architecture.

What Self-Driving Cars Teach Us About Content Management

Image of a self-driving car's heads up display in motion

Though technology is reshaping our world every day, complex situations often require the human ability to strategize, connect, and communicate. Someone who can take the wheel, make decisions, and steer the site towards success. A great example? A complex website needs a managing editor.

An Agile Approach to Content Management Systems

An image of a person prototyping content management

Before agile, developers would build what they thought you’d need and spend months polishing that concept. Now, we invite you in early so we can design a CMS that’s a much better fit for you and your organization.

The Complexity of Flexibility

An overflowing pile of Lego blocks

When designing the functionality of a website’s content management system, people often want a highly flexible system filled with options and variations. Or, at least, they think they do. The challenge is that the more flexibility you add, the more complicated everything becomes.

Open Source Solutions: WordPress vs. Drupal

A road sign at the crossroads of Drupal and WordPress

When you’re considering a major redesign, choosing the right content management system can be daunting. For starters, should you go with an enterprise CMS or open source? There are great options for both, and what’s right for you will depend on your budget and your specific needs.

Content Data and Interaction Models

Painter's wooden models holding paintbrushes in different poses

A content data and interaction model is an overview of a particular type of content on your website. We use models to outline and plan content that is repeatable (usually) and structured like a directory listing, publication, lab, degree program, product etc. Models show how your users interact with content and can be a guide […]