Build Your Digital Playbook & Toolkit

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Every leader who shapes the web presence of a big organization wants to deliver a powerful online experience, one that reflects the brand, attracts people and delivers great service at all levels – from the main gateway to the smallest department.

Project Strategy Blueprint

David Poteet planning project strategy with Cornell School of Continuing Education

A strategy blueprint is a one page summary of your project strategy. We primarily use them across our project team as a short-had reminder of the needs and goals of the project. If you plan to use it to share the project strategy with other stakeholders, you may need more explanation. We usually include these […]

Project Context Workshop

Photo from a Project Context Workshop, person writing on a poster on the wall while team member holds a laptop for reference

The Project Context Workshop is a great kickoff exercise to get the project owners and the project team to agree on goals and scope. We learned this approach from Agency Agile. A project context session helps to: What you need: You can run this as a virtual workshop with your favorite online whiteboard tool too. […]

Advanced Cat Herding

A whiteboard full of stickies with drawings of cats

Ever been in a workshop you knew was doomed 5 minutes in? It’s not that people don’t want to do the right thing. Nor is it that we don’t want to cooperate. Why is it so hard to lead a group to agree on a problem, visualize a solution, and move toward a goal? Advanced Cat Herding, available as a workshop and eBook, is a collection of our best tips for facilitating workshops and leading a group to create great things together.