Building Sane, Reusable WordPress Templates with Timber and Twig

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Traditional WordPress templates are written in PHP code that mixes HTML output with more advanced programming logic. The Timber plugin for Wordpress lets you move the markup part of your templates into separate files written in Twig, a simple yet powerful templating language. When you separate logic from layout in this way, your themes will be easier to read, easier to edit, and more portable.

How Often Should I Check My Website’s Metrics?

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So you’ve identified and begun tracking your site’s most important metrics in Google Analytics. Maybe you’ve even identified the secondary or intermediate metrics that will help you to further segment and analyze your web traffic data. And you know you need to periodically check these metrics to see how your site is performing. But how often should you check? What should your reporting schedule look like?

Google Tag Manager 101: The Basics

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You’re probably hearing a lot about Google Tag Manager, but do you understand exactly what it is and why to use it? If not, read on!

Advanced Cat Herding

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Ever been in a workshop you knew was doomed 5 minutes in? It’s not that people don’t want to do the right thing. Nor is it that we don’t want to cooperate. Why is it so hard to lead a group to agree on a problem, visualize a solution, and move toward a goal? Advanced Cat Herding, available as a workshop and eBook, is a collection of our best tips for facilitating workshops and leading a group to create great things together.

Selling UX: Lessons From The Firing Line

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Ever had to fight for the budget to do real audience research? Convince someone of the value of usability testing? Explain how your research informed the design you created? We took a huge gamble in 2005 when we sold Virginia Tech on the idea of doing mental models to inform their redesign. Since that initial […]

The Monsters of Web Design

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Wrecked budgets, redundant content, mid-project changes, and digital marketing no-nos can come together and make any web project seem scary.