Circle of Excellence Award for OSU

Oklahoma State University’s website relaunch represents the 1st phase of an initiative to break down silos. OSU has a BIG personality (think bright orange, cowboy hats, and the friendliest place you’ll ever go), and the website needed to better represent that on-campus experience. Learn more about the awardCheck out the new website

Infinite Scroll: A Bad Idea for Usability and Accessibility

A spiraling staircase

Though a common interaction on the web, infinite scroll causes problems for accessibility, usability, and performance. The cost to work around them is usually not worth the tradeoffs, and in the end, it can have a negative impact on the user experience.

What Studying the Humanities Taught Me About Software Development

A laptop with crumpled wads of paper

Back in my computer science days, I took a programming class where the professor decided to assign us a project to show us how real-world programming gets done (or ought to get done). We discussed the problem we were trying to solve in extreme detail The professor dictated the precise toolset we were supposed to […]

Defeating the Monsters of Web Design

The illustrated monsters of web design rampaging through a cityscape

Maybe you remember the Monsters of Web Design? They’re the gnarly issues that menace your website, threatening to wreak havoc on your site (and your sanity). They’re back!

Layering Content

A person selecting from two paper prototype layer options

Adapting content for interactive reading on the web is about finding balance.

Google Tag Manager 101: The Basics

An illustration of a person selecting from many analytics-related options

You’re probably hearing a lot about Google Tag Manager, but do you understand exactly what it is and why to use it? If not, read on!

How Long Does Good Web Content Take?

A stylized illustration of a zombie hand breaking out of the ground with a timer in its hand

Estimating content production time can be tricky. We’re still looking for a crystal ball, but until we find it, here’s what we use to make an educated guess.

Selling UX: Lessons From The Firing Line

A stylized illustration of a cityscape with NewCity brand colors

Ever had to fight for the budget to do real audience research? Convince someone of the value of usability testing? Explain how your research informed the design you created? We took a huge gamble in 2005 when we sold Virginia Tech on the idea of doing mental models to inform their redesign. Since that initial […]