Use Slate to Empower Your Enrollment Strategy

During the pressure of yield season, it’s easy to fall back on tactics that promise quick wins. We encourage enrollment leaders to connect their efforts across their website, Slate and their campaigns using a unified digital strategy to get the best results at the bottom of the funnel.

NewCity’s Seven Pillars of Higher Ed Digital Strategy

multi-colored plastic pillars along a wall, looking up

In our three decades of research and work with higher education audiences, we’ve identified seven things we must do well for any digital experience that supports enrollment. When you partner with NewCity, we keep these front and center.

Minding the Gap: creating a blueprint for enrollment success

At some point in my enrollment career, I received an innocuous refrigerator magnet with the British subway reminder to “Mind the Gap”. That magnet never made it home, rather it stayed affixed to various metallic surfaces in my office. I carried it with me for the greater portion of a 26-year career serving admissions and […]

Robynne Lofton’s Transition From Higher Ed to Digital Agency

It has been a beautiful period of transitions. My time in admissions was driven by the deep desire to open wide the doors to spaces that so few had access to. Over 26 years that passion grew into leadership, serving students, managing teams, offices, and divisions. A passion to serve became grounded in purpose as […]