University of South Dakota

A great university builds a responsive digital platform from the ground up.


We helped the team at USD create an entirely new online experience for their internal and external audiences.

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When you’re the University of South Dakota, the view is expansive and anything is possible; so when their team decided to roll up its sleeves and completely rebuild their entire digital infrastructure from the ground up, we knew we were heading to Vermillion.

As South Dakota’s flagship university, USD is home to the state’s only medical school, law school, accredited business school, and college of fine arts. It has a student body of over 10,000 proud Coyotes.

USD’s digital presence, both internally and externally, wasn’t meeting the needs the university.

Becoming a pack leader

The University of South Dakota knew that their current website had run its course. It was time for a fresh new look and a responsive web design. The folks at USD did their research before reaching out to firms. They didn’t just want a pretty website, they wanted a website that would convert. This would require a rigorous focus on rebuilding their analytics platform up-front, and preparing to eliminate all forms of shady data.

An institution that comes into a project with this mindset, is always a perfect fit for the research nerds at NewCity!


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