Designing for Disaster


We helped an enterprise company that integrates complex software systems drill down to focus on what their company is really about — the people.

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Matching the site to the service model

Meridium has been around since the beginning of asset performance management, but their website was in need of a refresh. Their old site was divided into narrow product categories that had become much more integrated over the years, and technical jargon made it difficult for people who weren’t already clients to understand exactly what it is they do. We helped them bring it all together with a unified concept that brings their customer-driven service model forward while appealing to the all individual industries they serve.

Refocusing on the people behind the product

Meridium partners closely with clients to customize their products, but the website was decidedly lacking on people. They needed a way to tell stories. So we brought their customers to the forefront, with a homepage feature showing both decision-maker and operator perspectives (two important audiences we identified in our research phase). We brought human imagery to every level of the site and rewrote messaging to describe not only what they do, but how it helps the people they serve.

We also devised a taxonomy system to organize content by topic rather than media type. So if they had a video, a PDF of a report, and a case study about one client, you could find them all in the same place.

Finally, they wanted to appeal to six customer industries without excluding anyone, so we created a new section where users could find information about all of their aerospace projects in one place, inviting them deeper into the site for details and success stories relevant to that particular field.