Sarah Wilkes

Office Administrator
@NewCity since 2016

Much of Sarah’s time is spent keeping things running smoothly at NewCity, for us and for our clients. Thanks to her efforts reviewing and keeping track of upcoming billings, making sure the invoices make sense to regular humans, and ensuring that everything matches the SOW, she’s an integral part of making sure the bills get paid — and that the lights stay on around here!

She’s the one responsible for sending invoices, receiving payments, and — only when necessary — nagging clients who are running behind on payments. So, if you have billing-related questions or need to request a W-9, Sarah’s your girl.

Before coming to NewCity, Sarah helped run the membership program of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, including during the construction, move-in, and opening of the museum on the National Mall. Her position involved financial reporting, problem-solving, managing data, and talking to people. It also gave her firsthand experience with purchasing and contracting from the client’s point of view. So she’s pretty much just what we needed.

When she’s not dealing with the ups and downs of keeping business running smoothly at NewCity, Sarah is an avid yo-yo enthusiast, and she can throw some pretty mind-blowing tricks. (If you’re lucky, she’ll show you a few.) She also enjoys spending time with her family exploring the great outdoors (and indoors), from hiking to visiting museums, zoos, aquariums, historical sites, and tourist traps.

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