Phil Pelanne

Director of Technology
@NewCity since 1998

After graduating from William and Mary with a B.S. in physics, Phil started as NewCity’s lone developer (back when it was NewCity, population: 6).

He was in charge of two web servers, one running Mac OS 8 and the other rocking Windows NT 4, both sitting within our office. We had a fax machine tied to the web server (ha!). Now he builds and deploys all kinds of customized publishing platforms across the web for a wide variety of awesome clients.

Phil’s work chiefly involves technical architecture planning, back-end development, implementing data migrations, and stewarding site launches. He especially likes to optimize sites for speed, caching everything, and squeezing out extra milliseconds per connection for a net savings that adds to our clients’ website retention and increased sales. He’s also obsessed with finding ways to do the largest amount of useful stuff with the fewest keystrokes — AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS!

Internally, he manages our development team, looking for opportunities for our developers to stay on the cutting edge in whatever facet of development they excel at. He helps us work across teams by making sure development is working as efficiently as it can with UX, Content, Design, and our marketing team.

For him, the best part of development is that it’s in never-ending flux — what he’ll be doing two years from now is vastly different from what he’s doing today. Part of his job is to try to steer us towards the best technologies to accomplish both our and our clients’ needs, and luckily he finds that pretty fun to do.

When not fixing the Internet, Phil’s usually serenading us on the Martin guitar we gave him for his 10-year NewCity anniversary. He claims he can sing “Hey Jude” with all the individual words reversed, but none of us is willing to challenge him to verify that.