Nora Scherer

Director of Operations
@NewCity since 2018

As operations manager, Nora is tasked with the (somewhat daunting) challenge of keeping everything running smoothly around here. But since she’s a whiz at untangling analytic complexities and helping team members do their best work, she’s totally up to the task. Internally, that means wrangling processes, revenue, and workload management. And on the client side, she’s also a key player in working through contracts and helping to get new projects off to a great start.

Though she swears NewCity is nothing like a natural disaster, she wields considerable organizational and economic chops honed through years of work in environmental economics, natural resource damage assessment, and environmental program support.

Nora keeps things rolling outside of the office as well, playing roller derby under the name “Wreckonomics.” But don’t be too intimidated. She has a sweet side, too, and makes homemade marshmallows and other candy.

Originally from Minnesota, Nora moved to Virginia to be closer to family. She has two sisters — one is her twin!

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Traveling! I love to travel and have visited 18 countries.