Nicole Mosley

Nicole Mosley

Director of Project Management
@NewCity since 2011

Five-foot-nothing and a bundle of spunk, Nicole is known as the office enforcer. If you need something done fast and done right, she’s the one to talk to. She can make things happen with just one stern look — sprinkled with sweetness and a couple of funny cat photos, of course.

Nicole graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in finance and business management. She interned with Target Corporation, where she learned a lot about process improvement, supply chain management, and other skills she uses here to make things go smoothly. Like most of our PMs, she helps out wherever help’s needed, learning things like information architecture, HTML code, and user interface design along the way.

Currently Working On
  • University of Tennessee College of Architecture + Design
  • Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Auburn University College of Education
  • Kean University
  • Texas A&M College of Engineering
When We Meet

Ask Me About

My cats, River and Boe. Extra points for knowing the origin of their names.