Preston Feiler

Project Manager

Professional cat wrangler who is a staunch advocate for his clients, his team, and our company.

Preston is a lot of things but he is not a superhero, though his kids might beg differently. He cannot walk on water, but is an excellent swimmer. However, he loves diving into the deep end by taking on projects of all shapes and sizes by being a highly experienced Digital Project Manager that is ready and able to deliver projects that meet and exceed expectations. Simply said, he is ready to change the world one digital project at a time (though he easily handles multiple projects simultaneously).

Preston joins New City with over 15 years of interactive media experience as he has managed many digital projects and campaigns from concept through delivery and support. His passion grew over the years with getting immersed into the project as a whole, working with his clients and his teams to deliver great work. These projects ranged from large corporations to small businesses and higher educational institutions. His roles over the years have been client facing with team management and ensuring overall project health as well as support contracts. He carries a vast array of knowledge and experience when it comes to Agile & Waterfall methodology, planning, managing resources, and managing teams remotely.

Married for 15 years to his lovely wife, Jana, they are the proud parents of Brice (14) and Addison (9), along with their Westie (Jax) who is known to sneak into Zoom calls. Preston is devoted to them and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. Work-Life balance is everything with Preston. In his spare time he coaches his daughters soccer team, plays several sports, enjoys attending sporting events (especially football games & golf tournaments), watching movies, going to concerts and traveling to their favorite places. Preston is a passionate sports fan and can talk sports with you for days. More often than not, once the weather warms up, you will find Preston either riding his bike or at his happy place on the beach. 

Preston’s favorite part of the job is making dreams a reality.