Melissa Beaver

Director of User Experience

Melissa is Director of User Experience at NewCity.

She loves peeling apart complex user interactions and uncovering unexpected nuances in the way they use technology. She helps clients challenge what they think they know and get into their users’ heads to find out what’s really happening. (With a totally non-invasive, charming, and empathetic manner.)

Melissa came to the UX field by way of graduate studies in information science, human computer interaction, French, and musicology at Indiana University Bloomington, where she became fascinated with how music evolves structurally in response to cultural change. She’s given up the grad school caffeine habit (sort of), but still loves poring over data to discover patterns in complex information systems (like websites). Plus she can slay a sonatine at dinner parties.

The Beavers come from a long line of master tinkerers, so being insanely curious about everything is in Melissa’s blood. And so is tenacity — she runs 50 miles up the side of mountains for fun (we don’t get it either).

Fun fact: Crashes into trees...a lot.