Mariah Wahl

Information Architect

Mariah collaborates with the UX, Design, and Developer teams to organize and optimize digital information.

With a professional background in libraries, Mariah is no stranger to complex problems. She’s experienced in finding digital solutions for large university and government systems, most recently the Smithsonian Institution’s Libraries and Archives. Since joining NewCity, she enjoys helping clients uncover the ideal content and structure for their unique needs.

Mariah likes to be outside with her dog, Tally. She spends as much of her free time as possible hiking, skiing, and rock climbing in the mountains of Washington. When Seattle’s rainy weather forces her indoors, Mariah enjoys making pottery, listening to library audiobooks on the Libby app, and binge-watching reality TV.

I enjoy the information architecture process of untangling all the threads and weaving them back together into an exciting, visually appealing digital tapestry - it’s immensely satisfying to get it just right.

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