Page Load Optimization


Examples of things that would be addressed:

  • general tuning of server / web service (Apache / Nginx)
    • setting asset compression settings
    • scripting language optimizations
    • tuning expiration headers to leverage browser caching
    • setup and config of useful server modules
  • setup / tuning of a reverse proxy or memory cache
  • setup and tuning of a CDN service
  • general database optimization / identification of slow queries
  • investigating / setting template caching (depends on application stack)
  • image optimization
  • combination and minification of static CSS/JS
  • optimization of markup and scripting to reduce time to render
  • spriting / inlining of small images, if applicable
  • investigating / setting up DNS optimizations

Customer Requirements

  • Access to CMS and/or servers


Depending on hours agreed to, this can be a set of recommendations to be implemented by customer, or include actual implementation.