Beyond Blah Blah: Creating Great Content For The Web


Our brains have a very sophisticated way of ignoring most of the sounds, sights, smells and sensations that come in so that we can focus on what’s interesting or important. The problem is, a lot of what we write ends up in the reader’s mental trash can. You’ll leave this workshop with powerful tools that will make your website, emails, and other communication more engaging, persuasive and memorable.

The workshop covers 4 main topics:

  1. Give them what they want – practical tools to figure out the top goals of your audiences.
  2. Use words that smell like goals – an introduction to information “scent” and how to write links and organize pages so that people can find their way to their goals.
  3. Write visually – how to structure content and layout pages so to support scanning, understanding and retention.
  4. Say something they’ll remember – how to get past the “blah blah filter” in your brain to reach the imagination, ultimately motivating action.

Customer Requirements

  • Describe particular content challenges the organization is facing.
  • Provide a list of workshop attendees and the areas of the website for which they are responsible.
  • Provide a room with
    • tables where groups of 4-5 people can work together
    • plenty of wall space where we can put sticky notes (or windows)
    • projector
    • 8 sheets of poster board (or large flipchart paper)
    • 3” x 3” real 3M post-it notes, all the same color, 1 pad per participant
    • 6” x 8” post-it notes, 3 pads, different color than the smaller ones
    • small dot or star stickers, 6 per participant. Color doesn’t matter
    • A Sharpie marker for every participant (medium, not fine tip)
  • Coffee