Hike Your Own Hike

David Poteet at McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia

My Big Takeaway from 2023 I’ve never thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail but I live 20 minutes from it. My wife and I help maintain a 2 mile stretch with some of the most spectacular scenery on the trail. I spend a few days on the AT every year, joining the flow with folks who are […]

5 Traits of a Successful Digital Project Manager

What does it take to get a digital project up and running and across the finish line? For anything but the smallest project it takes a close-knit team of architects, writers, designers and developers who understand each other’s strengths and share a common vision. In the middle of that team lives your friendly neighborhood project […]

2020 marks NewCity’s 25th Anniversary

David Poteet pondering sticky notes used in a content strategy session

In 1995, I was 27. Both the web and my marriage were two years old. I started a company because I had some less-than-awesome work experiences, and imagined a workplace where people collaborate on meaningful projects without ego, drama or hierarchy – a team of peers who are there for each other when it counts.

What Self-Driving Cars Teach Us About Content Management

Image of a self-driving car's heads up display in motion

Though technology is reshaping our world every day, complex situations often require the human ability to strategize, connect, and communicate. Someone who can take the wheel, make decisions, and steer the site towards success. A great example? A complex website needs a managing editor.

What Studying the Humanities Taught Me About Software Development

A laptop with crumpled wads of paper

Back in my computer science days, I took a programming class where the professor decided to assign us a project to show us how real-world programming gets done (or ought to get done). We discussed the problem we were trying to solve in extreme detail The professor dictated the precise toolset we were supposed to […]

Understanding the Medium: A University Looks at Publishing on the Web

Radford University aerial view in painterly style

This is a paper that was originally published in April 1995 in the proceedings of the WebEdge conference in Austin, Texas. At the time our founder David Poteet had recently designed and built the first website for Radford University where he was still working. He left Radford to launch NewCity in August, 1995.

We’ve republished it as an interesting view of the future from the past.