Teach Editors How to Use a Design System

Design system workshop at Davidson

When organizations move from a template-based website to a design system-based site, content editors gain the flexibility to build new layouts to suit their needs. But it’s a very different way to think about content creation, since you can now stack and combine layout components like Lego™ blocks. Editors used to having one big WYSIWYG […]

Build Your Digital Playbook & Toolkit

Icon of a notebook, tools, and a person

Every leader who shapes the web presence of a big organization wants to deliver a powerful online experience, one that reflects the brand, attracts people and delivers great service at all levels – from the main gateway to the smallest department.

Writing for the Web and Your Brand

A hand writing on a piece of paper, a laptop, a smartphone, notes, a cup of coffee on a blue background. Top view of the workplace.

No matter what form your web writing guidelines take, they should provide clear examples for both writing for the web and supporting key brand messages. Not all content editors have experience with both of these writing styles and need clear and practice guidance to be successful. Web writing guides should: You might be thinking, “My […]

How to personalize website content in Higher Ed

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Chances are if you are responsible for digital or content strategy for your university or college, you’ve had a conversation about how you could use personalization to better engage your audiences and get more conversions. Maybe someone has said “Could we have a personalized web presence like an e-commerce site?”

Website Content Work Planning Template

illustration of someone working on content for a website

One of the most important tools for managing the creation, revision, or migration of content for a website is the content work plan. There are commercial tools available, but we most often rely on a spreadsheet with columns for plan details. To develop a content work plan we recommend these steps: Below is an example […]