Beyond Templates: Building a Playbook and Toolkit for Successful Websites

Leading a large website with a distributed model? Instead of providing basic web infrastructure to groups, consider developing 3 key things: a playbook, a toolkit, and training that will help them create powerful websites.

There’s a new model for digital strategy taking shape in governments, companies and institutions that distribute control of the website to groups across the organization. They’re developing a strong design system and CMS for the main website, and now they’re building a playbook, toolkit and training curriculum to equip people across the organization to create better web experiences that strengthen their brand.

NewCity’s white paper “Beyond Templates: Build a Playbook and Toolkit for Successful Websites” explores the why and the how to take a more strategic approach to digital resources for your organization.


We also offer a presentation version of Beyond Templates. This is a recording of a webinar version done with our CMS partner Hannon Hill: Watch the Webinar