Digital Project Manager

This isn’t your typical project management job. A digital project manager has to be extraordinary. They realize that spreadsheets and status reports are often the least interesting and most bureaucratic things produced in the building, but nonetheless critical to getting the job done. They are less interested in schedules, budgets, and methods than the results those tools help achieve. The truth is they are thinkers, organizers, diplomats, money managers, time keepers, risk assessors, but more importantly they are doers.

Who We Are

NewCity is a 24 year-old digital agency headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. We specialize in large-scale website design and development. We provide audience research, user experience research, professional design, content strategy, and professional CMS integration services in engagements that range from several months to over a year. While we work with a variety of clients, we specialize in higher education, working with clients ranging from large universities like Texas A&M, Old Dominion University, and Johns Hopkins University to smaller institutions like Hollins University, Pomona College, and the College of Idaho. Several NewCity clients have worked with us for many years.

Who You Are

  • You are committed first to the output, not the process. You take the time to find out what the people on the project need from you, and value from you, then make that as large a part of your job as possible.

  • Not only can you roll with the punches, you actually find gratification in embracing the challenges that every project brings.

  • You are never without a to-do list. You take big, overwhelming tasks and break them down into smaller, more approachable parts. You stay at or near inbox zero, because if you’re not on top of email, you’re not on top of your projects.

  • You focus on efficiency. You can prioritize and reprioritize on the fly. You intuitively know how to self-evaluate and increase the speed at which you’re able to work, while not compromising the quality of your output.

  • You collect, centralize, and synthesize information so it’s readily available to the entire team throughout the course of a project.

  • You bat well above average when it comes to communication. You use constant communication as a tool to answer questions before they’re even asked, giving a high level of visibility to team members, clients, and any other project stakeholders.

  • You embrace sheer chaos on a grand scale and enjoy it. You keep a cool head and make a plan when everyone else is running around freaking out. You repeatedly make the right calls in high stress situations, on the fly, often with imperfect information.

  • You’re able to maintain a great deal of focus on a single task at a time, then regularly switch between tasks with near zero ramp up time. You start a lengthy email to a client, get interrupted by a developer looking for a 10-minute meeting to discuss a task, then walk back to your computer and continue on with your previous train of thought without re-reading what you wrote to begin with.

  • You intuitively understand the most important tasks to be completed on a project, which tasks would be great to address if you have the opportunity, and which tasks aren’t worth the time. You wrap up your work day at a reasonable hour, confident that everything that needs to be done IS done.

  • You never stop learning, and you learn from failure. You make it a goal to never make the same mistake twice.

  • You are able to identify emotional reactions in others, but maintain the ability to step back and find a drama-free solution.

  • You have confidence; you’re the captain. You’re realistic, but you’re also the primary cheerleader. Even when you’re concerned, you “fake it ‘til you make it” a bit.

  • You always work to identify and reduce the area of greatest risk on a project, but sometimes you have to gamble and make gut decisions. You trust your instinct when making decisions, and when you do, you usually end up being right.

  • You simultaneously maintain an in-the-weeds view and high-level perspective on a project.

  • You know how to change the rules of the game to achieve success. You find ways to manipulate outcomes without manipulating people. You reset expectations and help the client understand a better solution than what’s written in the contract.

  • You are the person that others come to with a complex project or process problem when they need a solution.

Working Knowledge

Whether you’re already familiar with the list below, or tend to throw yourself into the fire and learn on the job, these concepts will all be important to excel in the role. Your knowledge of specific technologies doesn’t need to go deep. In fact, broad knowledge is often better.

  • High Level Concepts

    • The Hows and Whys of a CMS
    • Open- Versus Closed-Source
    • Server-Side Versus Client-Side
    • The Hosting Stack
    • Domain Names and DNS
    • Version Control
    • Agile and Scrum
  • General Web Development Software

    • Design Software
    • MS Office/Google Docs
    • Markup Languages & CSS
  • Marketing

    • Content Strategy
    • Analytics & Optimization
    • SEO & Social Media
    • Overall Business and Marketing Goals

This list just scratches the surface, so hopefully it’s readily apparent why a thirst for learning is an important trait for any digital project manager. You don’t need knowledge of all of these to get hired, but to be great at this job, they’re all things you want to learn. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll keep going; the more you know, the better.


To be considered, you should also exhibit these characteristics:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Have 4-6 years post-grad experience (ideally) in a consulting or interactive agency role.

NewCity does not sponsor employment visas; only candidates legally eligible to work in the United States will be considered.

Our ideal candidate would live in the Blacksburg, VA area or is interested in relocating here. We are open to considering candidates who work remotely full-time.

Equal Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle of NewCity. As an equal opportunity employer, employment is based upon personal capabilities, qualifications and performance. NewCity does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status.

How to Apply

Send your résumé, references, and cover letter including salary requirements. No calls please.